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    Satellite 82 troubles.

    Glad you got it working and happy to help.

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    Satellite 82 troubles.

    Congrats, Aloen.

    I've had my trials and tribulations hooking up my 9200 on 91 and 82 as well. Self-installs are not for everyone, but what a cool feeling when you finally get everything working, eh? Persistence pays off.

    Digital Home Canada is the best source I've ever seen for advice on all of this geek stuff!

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    Satellite 82 troubles.

    for future reference, those who are adding Nimiq2 programming can get free professional installation and free required parts (multiswiches, etc) from BEV by asking about the Free Nimiq2 Upgrade Offer...you must subscribe to N2 programming and keep any N2 programming for at least one year...this offer has been especially valuable for those moving to HD, as HD is all on N2...this offer started back in July (?) and has been extended until further notice.

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    mac dude
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    Satellite 82 troubles.

    Good info dirtyjeffer.

    I thought it was a 6 month commitment? (a $15 credit / 6 months) which covers the $90 cost?

    Anyways, I like variety 3, so I got this upgrade - very good deal IMO to get stuff on the 2nd satellite. The extra channels in the base package are worth it too... there's some on the west coast that have some different shows not shown on most other stations in the mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aloen View Post
    It worked! You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
    i am having the same problem... i know this was a long time ago, but i was wondering if you remember what you had to do to the dish to pick up the 91... did you have to change the skew or elevation? how did you move the dish? to the right or to the left? Thanks.



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