So my dog was attacked by two unleashed dogs ( NOTE: he was leashed and one of the dogs that attacked my dog and my mom and myself note2: even entered our home chasing my dog!) - he wasn't hurt severely but has scars from it. The next day my mother is walking my dog and stops to converse with another fellow dog owner from the neighbor hood ( friends with the owners of the dogs that attacked) . My Mother begins to tell him about the attack since he asked ... While she was telling him what happened... she was holding him tightly near by and was of a good distance away from the man... This man then walks over to my dog (and he has never touched my dog in the 3 years of him being around him and walking also aside with his dog ) about to pet him but my mother tells him "You should not pet him right now, you know how he is... He doesn't like strangers really touching him" - but this man touches him anyway disregarding the comment and pets him on the area he was bitten and my dog slightly bites him (no blood, just a little inflammation something that covers one normal size bandage ) we did warn him and told him not to touch him!!!. Days later this man tells my mother that because he knows us and bc we are nice people else he would have sued us ( yeah in a threat tone) my mother told him " remember I told you not to touch my dog which is weird that you did after all these years and its not like he was unleashed and running loose and attacked you - he was tightly next to me and you walked over to him while I was in the middle of telling you the story of your friends dogs attacking my dog plus you touched my dog in the area he was hurt by those two dogs!" If he did place a law suit, would we have been fault? I feel as if we would have not please tell me your thoughts.
He has never bitten anyone ever.