Thanks for replying guys. Three more questions:

So basically, to "enforce the follow-on" means that
a. where the first team in its first innings got out for 200 more than the second team got in its first innings, then
b. instead of the first team going in for its second innings, it can
c. make the second team have its second innings immediately after its first innings, that is, the third innings of the match,
d. followed by the first team having its second innings as the fourth innings of the match.

Is that right?

2. If so, why is that an advantage for the first team? What difference does it make whether the second team, trailing by 200 or more, has their second innings immediately following their first, or after the first team's second innings?

3. If this rule does advantage the first team, then doesn't it advantage the team that is already giving the losing team a pounding?

4. Why not just line up the losing team and let the winning team kick them in the pants as a form of public humiliation?