We all like to collect and keep classic cricket videos. So what are the best methods to download them with multiple options such as download in 3gp/mobile format and without too much of glitches and troubles?
I have been using 3 options.

(1)IDM - This is the best method probably but I have an issue while downloading youtube videos through IDM download panel. The download never completes for some reason. IDM works fine for all the other flash video downloads from any other sites for me. But not youtube!

(2)YTD Video downloader -
This looks good(free version) to download esp. from youtube.. But doesn't support download resume which is sometimes annoying

(3)Flash video downloader
This is an add on and had been working fine until last week. Now it doesn't work!

So I'd like to know about what softwares you've been using to download flash videos from utube and other video sharing sites. What are the safest and best methods/softwares according to you? Please mention them with links... Any help is appreciated...
@HoTsPot- check ur email bro..