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    Do I Dazzle You?
    Do I Dazzle You?'s Avatar

    Ideas for asking a hockey player to a dance?

    There is a dance called turnabout at my school where the girls have to ask the guys. The guy i want to ask is a hockey player. Does anyone have any cute ideas on how to ask him?
    please dont say just ask him. its a tradition to ask in a cute way. thankssss lol

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    bella b
    bella b's Avatar
    start off by congradulating him on his hockey, guys love compliments! then once you have put him in a good mood just say "hey you sont have a hockey game this friday right? so i was thinking maybe me and you could go to the turnabout together." see what he says and if he declines you which he probably wont just act like its no biggie even if it is beause the fact that you dont care will turn him on..kinda weird but trust me on that one

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    Puzzles's Avatar
    go 3rd grade style and hand him a note with a

    "Will you go to the round about with me?"

    [ ] YES [ ] NO

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    Wackywheels10's Avatar
    Leave a hockey puck in his locker with a cute poem or note on it. Include stuff relating to hockey like "Would you care to take a shot with me by going to the dance?"

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    BusyStudent's Avatar
    "It's my goal to go to the dance with you"
    "I've got you in my net, now come to the dance with me"

    Hope this helps

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    xoOBsethEDxo I
    xoOBsethEDxo I's Avatar
    put a puck in his locker saying Turnabout or homecoming or whatver

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    machetemama's Avatar
    Good lord, girl! Don't do it! I had a friend who was a coach of the Houston Aeros and we would go out to clubs with all of them after their game. They danced like they played hockey. I felt like I needed pads and a helmet! LOL!

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    brentie's Avatar
    say : "hey hockey player wanna go to a dance"

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    gyo's Avatar
    tell him to show you how to dance...on ice. if he does invite him to the dance. hope u give me the ten points cuz thats probably the best youll get!!!

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    Italian Stallian
    Italian Stallian's Avatar
    how about you just go up to him and ask, thats about all you have to do



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