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    Hiroshima, Get Over it
    Hiroshima, Get Over it's Avatar

    IS ML King dancing because we finally have the son of a black mom as president?

    Shouldn't we all? ... be thankful?
    His mom was white?

    When will the Dems get over their racist approach and finally nominate the child of a black woman to be president?
    Bow Down,

    you're very wise

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    Princess Fluffybutt
    Princess Fluffybutt's Avatar
    It just occured to me that all you right wing pork chops who keep asking asinine questions but hide your Qs and As are all one person. You're just operating a million different accounts.

    You wouldn't happen to be morbidly obese, flatulent and addicted to oxycontin, would you?

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    im_foxygirl's Avatar
    Obama's mother was white.

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    joevette's Avatar
    I do not think that the conservative and honorable MLK would have voted Obama. MLK was a great man with integrity not a politician that says and does whatever is easiest to push to his audience.

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    wordwrangler's Avatar
    You almost got one right. Keep trying,you're getting closer
    Edit: Perhaps ,when and if one is nominated to run against Palin in the future, Another landslide in the making !
    Give it time,you'll get your wish !



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