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    The count in a culture of bacteria was 800 after 2 hours and 51,200 after 6 hours.?

    (a) What is the relative rate of growth of the bacteria population? Express your answer as a percentage. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
    The correct answer is 104

    (b) What was the initial size of the culture? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
    the correct answer is 100

    (c) Find a function that models the number of bacteria n(t) after t hours. (Round rate r to two decimal places.)
    the correct answer is 100e^1.04t

    (d) Find the number of bacteria after 4.5 hours. (Round your answer to the nearest hundred.)
    the correct answer is 10800

    (e) When will the number of bacteria be 100,000? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    This is the only answer I cannot get. Please dont question my other answers my is computer generated and doesnt make mistaked I need help with the answer for E serious answers please thanks

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    (e) Ans is 6.64



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