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    Jun 2009

    Views on Natasha Curry (new anchor on HLN news)?

    There is no doubt that Natasha Curry is a beauty....but does anyone find her voice irritating? I used to be an avid HLN weekend viewer but have switched channels now because i find her broadcasting so annoying...any other viewers feel the same?

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    Re: Views on Natasha Curry (new anchor on HLN news)?

    Hi Natasha.

    I enjoy your show and broadcasting. I want to comment on the NFL and Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and the debacle at Cowboys Stadium, and the Super Bowl. I say, "Sue the bastards." I live just outside of Fort Worth and have grown up going to Texas Stadium to not only see the Cowboys play but really great concerts as well. I am 47 and make a decent living. But now Jerry Jones has made it too expensive to go. I heard it's $50 just to park, or hike a mile or so. He is making a fortune on the backs of struggling people (except for that elite perhaps 2% in this area). This is righteous and justice. It might even be karma. I say make them pay. Thank God nobody was killed in such a poor planning situation.

    Julie Keller
    Weatherford, Texas
    That "I Absolutely Agree!" Lady

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    annoying oh so annoying... makle it stop!

    horrible.. just awful... she sounds like an ignorant gossipy loser you meet at anyjob usa... the kind that hang out by the water fountain talking about last night's episode of the bachelor or housewives of new jersey or something equally ignorant. the voice is intolerable and she's not that attractive if you take away all the store-bought fakeness she hides behii tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but the more she talked the more irritated i became... dear got someone shut this broad up.

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    Jul 2013
    hahaha....and i thought it was only me...



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