I'm mainly just brain storming here..
Can anyone answer an of these -

1) Do any Arabian registries offer scholarships as AQHA does?
2) Which is the least expensive (entry fees) at the end of the year - lower level Dressage, Barrel Racing, or Cutting events? What is the most expensive?
3) What type of trail events would help add up points with AQHA (I'm new to the points...)?
4) If I attended lower level Dressage, Barrel Racing, and open Cutting events, would these help add "points" for an AQHA scholarship or any other equine-related scholarship?
5) How do the points actually work on AQHA - I've done little reading and currently doing more reading; just a bit confused.
6) Would it be physically and competitively possible for one horse to do dressage and cutting with light barrel racing under the right training?
7) If I took an Arabian to open cutting shows (for fun and extra points/experience) and turn around and compete in dressage, would this be okay? (depending on the individual horse's ability of course)

Again, just brain storming. Any advice, thoughts, etc. are highly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time and answers!