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    hello everyone i am a Hong Kongese,I want to know something about about america

    i love usa so i want to know something about usa everything~

    1.) what food is your breakfast,lunch and dinner usually?

    2.) what time is your work the job? 9:00 am - 6:00pm?

    3.) what will you do everyday? in hk,we as good as to work all day so we are not more time to do our want to do myself...when we out to working place..we need to go home have

    dinner and ready to sleep...life in hk have little bit pain we need to work all day for get the money but the salary can't buy so much eg.house car..

    we want to buy this is Impossible, because it is so expensive. we look like a walking dead everyday,so much people is not happy

    this hong kong is dying...i want to leave this place everythink . live in usa..uk..or whatever but i dont know how can i do...

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    Aug 2015
    HELLO Hong Kongese ...... In America we have fun ... we no work our gubmt pays for all ..
    we just act sick and get paycheck, we vote for liberal president and he makes sure we get all we want ...
    you should come to America where we all get a free ride ...
    we watch tv and play on facebook and make more babies and gubmt pays for all ......... hehe just kidding

    No seriously ... much of what I mention above is actually true sad to say ... but most still work hard here .. it seems
    our country is headed the same direction as with more and more from the American tax-payer going more and more to the non-taxpayer and the non-working.
    Hard working people are being literally rung-out and we too are frustrated .... Pray for us in America ... praying for you in Hong Kong.
    our entire world is headed for financial catrosphy and war ....
    only God can intervene ... and indeed he will ... focus on Jesus ....
    Last edited by dadmansabode-com; 08-10-2015 at 11:05 AM.

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    Aug 2020


    Id like to get a trail light. This time change is going to kill me. Do you have one you recommend?My bike is not full suspension - just in the front. But, I love my disc brakesThanks for the tips and hellos



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