I like to play dicewars flash game (http://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/dice/dice.html). This is why I downloaded it from the internet, and it can be played on media players like windows media player, vlc player or gom player. It is a strategy flash game with a table to conquer. The problem is that it is a flash game and has no options incorporated with which I can save certain tables (maps) from it, to play on them. I like a certain type of tables, that make the game more harder to win (because otherwise is very easy to win, and playing so is boring), but the problem is that the tables are given randomly by the game, and I have to restart the game 100's of times to find the right table. So I taught, that I will make a search on the game, by searching the right tables, restarting the game hundreds of times and save the right tables.
The question is, how can I save those tables to play on them later? I couldn't find nothing to help me so far.
Thanks for the help.