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    world history please help?

    hey guys im stuck on these 3 world history questions and i really need some help so if you can please help me. 10points and best and best answer.

    Which of the following is NOT true?

    a.Hideyoshi prohibited Christian activities.

    b.Dutch ships were limited to one visit per year.

    c.Initially, traders and missionaries were welcomed.

    d.Europeans were interested in buying Japanese weapons

    The overthrow of the Ming dynasty allowed?

    a.the peasants to reclaim lands stolen from them by Russians.

    b.the Mongol dynasty to regain power in Ceylon.

    c.Manchus to seize power and establish the Qing dynasty.

    d.Europeans to seize key centers of trade in southern China for their own

    During the reign of Qianlong,

    a.the Qing dynasty showed the first signs of internal decay.

    b.China experienced widespread economic growth due to more trade with Mongolia.

    c.the efforts of Christian missionaries reached their height.

    d.Manchu invaders captured the city of Singapore.

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    world History Answers

    1. d
    2. c
    3. a



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