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    Sublimminal cuts in Eddie Murphy's Raw?

    I was watching Eddie Murphy's Raw on Sky movies and I'm almost 100% sure there were some subliminal cuts in the movie.

    The ones I remember are:
    * A yellow bell sometime around him mentioning how the girl goes off to the Bahamas skit.
    * A number sometime around the McDonalRAB skit.

    There were quite a few if my memory serves me right.

    Does anybody have any further insight into this?

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    I noticed it too, I noticed the yellow bell/orb whatever it was on Netflix, it cut in at 1:04 (white people dancing joke, right after he talks about black people doing a thing/dance with their head[right after he closes his mouth to say "if white people did that"])I can't get it to pause at the moment I need it to in order to view it more clearly, I'd really like to know what it is aswell, been trying to get it to pause on it for about 10 minutes now. It also seems like when I pause it at the right time it just dissapears(it doesnt show up before/during/after being paused.



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