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Easy guides to install the XFP transceiver

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The 10Gb XFP Optical Transceiver is a small-form factor, hot-pluggable module that provides connectivity between blade server switches and fiber optic network devices. The XFP module is a laser product that converts electrical signals to optical signals.

The XFP Transceiver provides two fiber optic cable connectors for connecting to external ports. It supports link spans up to 300m using 850nm muti-mode fiber cables.

Tips: to avoid damage to the cable or the XFP Transceiver module, do not connect the fiber opitc cable befor you install the SFP module.

The XFP transceiver has a mechanical guide key to prevent you from inserting the module incorrectly.
1. Remove the safety cap and pull the locking lever into the down(unlocked) position.

2. Insert the XFP module into the port until it clicks into place. Use minimal pressure when you insert the module into the port. DO not use excessive force when you insert the module; you can damage the module pr the module port.

3. Pull up the loching lever to lock the module into place.

4. Connect the fiber optic cable.

Be aware: The XFP module has been Tried and Licensed to Perform with the Nortel 10Gb Ethernet Change Module. Disregard any inTypeation Show that Signifies the XFP module is not Authorized. Potential Computer software releases will remove the warning. And to get future imformation, pleas visit the fiber optic equipment site.

relative link:
10G XFP:http://www.ingellen.com/xfp-optic-transceiver-10gbps-xfp-module-c-1_8_60.html
XFP transceiver:http://www.ingellen.com/fiber-optic-transceiver-xfp-optic-transceiver-c-1_8.html
sfp module:http://www.ingellen.com/fiber-optic-transceiver-sfp-plus-fiber-optic-transceiver-c-1_7.html

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