Hi there,
I recently bought a Motorola 2 handset home phone (Model: L802) and about once every two days it will read "Out of Range", and it most certainly is not! I mean, this warning pops up when the phone is ON the base! I've tried many things to get it to work again (unplugging everything and plugging it back in, taking out handset batteries, etc etc.), but it just seems like waiting for it to fix itself is the only thing that has worked so far... @[email protected]

Is there a way to remedy this, or should I just return the phone as I was planning to do tomorrow? Thanks very much for your time!
I'm not sure (Well, I have a wifi modem right nearby and the phone line is plugged into my router right beside it, although I'm not sure how to tell if my router is wireless?), is that what could be causing the issue?