There is an incident which wrote by a man, goes around and had been discussed in the website.
He was asked to manage a few days of "Bear Village" for his friend, which is located in the northwest part of the bottom of the next hidden villas.

ďThat night, I sleep soundly in a small building. Wind constantly calls into the waves of terror, like the cries of weeping, painful and hopeless. Just at this moment, I thought I heard the door gently on the movement, "creak, creak", and also accompanied by heavy breathing. I sat up and pull the door: "Who?" No answer, it was in a truly terrifying silence. I reached out and grabbed a broom and went to the door gently opened the door. A bear curled up outside, with soft, fluffy hair. It looked at me sheepishly, I opened my hand, the Bear waddled and climbed in front of me, a small palm rested on me, with a warm tongue licking my hand. Suddenly, a noise came outside the door, the Bear sensed something, drill into the bed agility. Soon, I opened the door and asked: "What?" "A Bear just ran, did you see it?" "Oh, heís there." I point to the place where the bear hiding. They reached down and grabbed it, roughly drag the four legs and bounded them together with a thick stick and carried it away. Before the Bear left the door, it bended over, upturned its head looking at me helplessly, begging for help.

Next day, Zhang (one of the workers) said heís taking me to see the bears. I walked into a few thousand square meters tall building, placed in six cages, each cage has a weary black bear. The strange thing is that they were all wearing a steel machine outside their stomach. Zhang told me, "this is use to take bile, bearís bile is now the price is 300 dollars per gram." He took me to the first cage, gesturing to me: "Mining bile began." I saw two workers deftly tied the Bearís body, pulled a thick rope through a special pulley to the body of the machine, and gestured to each other. Then, I saw the steel contracting and contracting. Suddenly, the Bears shouted with a hysterical roar: "Woo -" That's simply not a roar, thatĎs a sound changed from a desolate cry, he desperately looked up with pain, four claws shaking and clutching the floor, came out a harshness sound "Zila, Zila". Instantly, some aquamarine liquid flows out from the steel pipe. The workers then release the rope, and pull it up for another round, caused them a hoarse cry. I saw the bearís tears trickling in instantaneous. It turns out like people clench his teeth, suffered an endless pain. Tragic scene, I could not bear to look, turned and walked away. At this point, I realized the sound I heard of that night, was the bearís cry with pain, groaning in the twilight.

Zhang toke me to the door, my voice trembling and asked him: "Do you have any human nature? They are all life!" Zhang said dismissively: "we are just working for our live." I asked him reluctantly: "How long will you adopt the bile?" he replied: "That depends, normally twice a day and more, , generally a bear annual bile powder 2000 grams, can be taken 10 years. "My heart trembled, twice a day, for 10 years, this is such a devil figure.

I wanted to go back, but Zhang said: "A surgery will be on the Cubs, at this critical moment you canít go, you represent Mr. Liu. If you were gone, who bear the responsibility?!" I had to bear with him back to the room. Four workers surrounded the front of the cub, tightly tied the baby bear. The Bear was looking at everyone's eyes in horror. When it saw me, it suddenly look at me with bright and eager,. My eyes moist, at this time, it even "splash" to my knees, both knees and the four hoofs ... Zhang waved his hand, order the began to surgery, the baby bear down toward the roof, burst into tears "Woo -" the voice was very miserable, it was an extremely disappoint that I never ever hear in this world, a searing cry. To use human language is simply shouting out a "mother", which even startled the executioner workers. At this time, a shocking exception scene occurred, I saw a big bear cage screaming crying, it broke out the cage. The workers looked scared, I stared with shock. The big bear ignore my existence, quickly bounced in front, it nestled the baby in its own arms, using its tongue lovingly lick its baby with serious tear. The little Bear shouted again and again, as in mother, "whining" to sobbed, seeking in help.

Suddenly, the Bear was barking, with grabbed its baby Bear's neck fiercely, until the bear's body fell down, it let go its hands, looked at its dead child, and whimpered. Seems like shouting: "Children, mum can not save you, but you re not going to suffer, and I'm sorry for you" Then, It bite its own hair, then pull off the steel machine, the stomach fur suddenly in red with blood, the blood flow off with bright red. It screamed like crazy to hit the wall, "Bang -" the wall collapsed. I'm numb, donít know how to get out of this brutal bear room.