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    Nexus one update help ?

    Hi, I recently bought a Brand new Nexus one of eBay as i have always loved them and decided to buy my self one. Im not anything new to Android ( i already have a Galaxy Note 3 and a 2013 Nexus 7 )...
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    Can you use a Verizon phone on boost mobile?

    I have a Samsung S4 on Verizon and wanted to know if I can use it on boost mobile, or T-Mobile? Help please
  3. What amp is best for 2 12' kickers 400 watt 800 peak 4 ohm?

    I'm so confused. Lol! I need to know what amp will be best for them. They are kicker comp vr series.
  4. Extremely concerned about the health of my teeth?

    My name is Sam and I am a 17 year old guy. When I was younger my parents would always bug me to brush my teeth, and I did, but I doubt I did it enough, like most young kids. Around the age of 14 or...
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    What song is it on quite big Thursday advert?

    Anyone know what the song is on the newest Quite Big Thursday advert on E4??
  6. How do I know if my Samsung Galaxy note 1 is running ice cream sandwich, jellybean, or gingerbread?

    I don't know what version my phone is running, but all I know is that it is the Android 4.0.4... Any help on how I can figure this out?
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    Nfl shuffle iPhone game?

    Hey there is a new manager thing where you have to refer this to people. Please add
    817 765 131 if u add me I will add u put comments below. Thank you and please add meh
  8. Windows Mobile OS is an open source operating system designed for mobile devices and is based on the Linux ker?

    true or false?
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    How can i make my solo better?

    In my jazz band I play first chair tenor sax and i have a solo and all I know is to play the f major scale can anyone give me some tips on how to make it better?
  10. How much more of a wifi signal boost do you get placing a homemade cantenna at the focus of a satellite dish..?

    ..instead of using the cantenna by itself? I've had excellent results so far with my home-made cantennas but now I want to make it more powerful. Does placing a cantenna in the dish drastically make...
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    1.You are not making sense with this question. ...

    1.You are not making sense with this question.
    2. What you are downloading is illegal because you aren't paying for it.
    3. If this is reported which it will be Yahoo can give it to authorities....
  12. Since fair point bought out Verizon what happens?

    To former customers who owe money? Like for cable and internet
  13. Will I get automatic OS upgrade when I put a SIM card in an unlocked phone?

    I'm thinking of buying a cheap Galaxy S3. The phone is unlocked.
    I was planning on buying a SIM only 1 month rolling contract from the network 3 to put in the phone.
    The phone is currently running...
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    i have a urinary tract infection?

    ive had it for a while now and have been put on antibiotics three times a day and i have been taking urals & drinking cranberry juice and nothing is fixing it, i have a 7 hour shift tomorrow and im...
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    what will be the price of nokia lumia 620?

    it seems to be a good phone.. and i am not a fan of android coz i dont need so much apps.. and all required apps will run on windows as well
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    Ok my son got a remote control helicopter?

    For Christmas, when we turn it on the tv turns on Is that normal.
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    Trying to remember a movie it's a thriller?

    I can only remember what I think was the beginning of the movie. Two criminals are leaving a hotel in an area that looks like it was shot in west Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, etc. They are...
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    I want to train combatives, but I'm USNG?

    I took a couple classes of combatives in Basic and I really enjoyed them, as well as the comfort of knowing that I'll have at least some vague idea of what to do in case trouble comes my way. I was...
  19. How to boost work performance in small business?

    i love my entertainment and gossip i guess, but it really is hurting my performance to be watching movies, web browsing, or day dreaming. I also love video games. I just love having a good time, but...
  20. Are Harley-Davidson's classes enough training for a 1000cc superbike?

    Yesterday I had asked this question"Should some one who's never owned a motorcycle buy a superbike?".
    The people who answered said I should start off with a bike which is not so powerful.
    So I...
  21. will my ATT gophone sim card work in a old iphone 3gs?

    if i buy an unlocked ATT iphone 3gs off of ebay can i put my att sim card in the iphone and make calls and such
  22. Can you still buy 'Strawberry Cheesecake' Lip Smacker and where?

    I love Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Smacker! and i just broke mine, so where can I get a new one in Australia? Can you still even buy that flavour?
    Where can I buy them out of Coles, Woolworths,...
  23. PageRank Question - Will PHP $urls = array on homepage to subpages hurt?

    I just finished building a new website, and I didn't like having a homepage, so I put an index.php in he root of the domain with the $urls = array command to randomly send the visitor to one of the...
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    How to hook up my car audio system?

    I have a 1994 Ford Escort. I want to hook up some Subs and also need a new Head unit, 5 1/4 door speakers, and 4x6 rear speakers. Any suggestions? Also any advice/how to guides? Thanks!
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    best gaming monitor for xbox?

    I need some help buying a gaming monitor, I will be using it for xbox and all these are 1ms but I dont know what one to go for please help!

    my ideal one is this:...
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