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  1. Can you tell by the lines on your palm how many children you will have?

    I have three very distinct children lines and a lot of faint ones. I have always had children in my life. I have a very distinct marriage line with three lines pointing upwards and many faint...
  2. Can I sue a restaurant where my husband works?

    So my husband is a cook *the ONLY cook* in the nightshift at a restaurant. The owner and managers are being very abusive with him. There are times where the dishwasher doesn't even show up to work so...
  3. Id like to report brents used cars to the authorities for winding back speedometers .What should I do.??

    He takes honest peoples money and walks away laughing.
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    Limerick poem about my friend?

    I need to write a funny limerick poem about my friend.

    -Her name is Caity
    -Terrified of bugs
    -Loves to sing and dance

    I need help putting a limerick together with...
  5. Alltel cell phones that dont require data?

    I'm wanting to buy my mother a new cellphone for Christmas. The problem is that her boss provided it and pays for her monthly bill, so asking to upgrade to a smartphone that requires a data plan is...
  6. I have a 15 inch kiso suzuki viola made in 1978. very good condition. value?

    I have a 15 inch Suzuki viola made by the Kiso Suzuki Violin Co, Ltd. The label inside states "Kiso Suzuki Violin Co, ltd, copy of Antonius Stradivarius 1720. Anno 1978. Japan. No#9068".
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    Need php/html help please.?

    I'm trying to make my site where I can navigate through pages. But so far I can only make the header page, and footer. I can't get the other pages to operate correctly. Is there anyone out there that...
  8. What is the starting salary for Paralegals in West Palm Beach Florida?

    I am currently still in school earning my A.S. in paralegal studies but am trying to get into a law office before I am finished with my degree. A lot of the jobs I am applying for want to know my...
  9. Diet pills that don't do anything to the brain?

    I want a diet pill that isn't an appetite suppressor and doesn't mess with any brain chemicals. I really just want something to jump start my metabolism. Does anyone know of any product that works...
  10. GS, aren't you excited that I finished my work for once in my life and can therefore spend the night on here?!?

    I won't ask many questions, though. I need to quit using up all of my points and start acquiring them. There was a time when I had thousands of points on this account.
  11. What were the religious trends in Russia in the late 1800s?

    I'm working on a presentation in which I am comparing religious views portrayed in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment in relation to religious trends during the...
  12. Boyfriend looking at naked female photos when we're in bed?

    This morning I woke up to my boyfriend looking at photos of half naked women on his phone while we were in bed together.

    It started a couple months back when he discovered "The Chive"
    He's shown...
  13. What's the best pain relief thing for back/rib bruising?

    I hurt my back 2 days ago due to blanking and falling down the stairs and last week I blanked and fell flat on my back without bending of my knees as I have epilepsy. Not been to hospital as I know I...
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    Should I confess to the guy I like?

    All my friends are telling me that I should just go on and confess my feelings to the guy I like but honestly I don't know... I am a 15 year old girl who is very shy when it comes to guys so it tends...
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    How should I confess to the guy I like?

    All my friends are telling me that I should just go on and confess my feelings to the guy I like. I am a 15 year old girl who is very shy when it comes to guys so it tends to get the best of me. I...
  16. In HBO's Rome- what was the chanting at Julius Cesear's funeral?

    I'm assuming its Latin. Maybe not. Anybody know what they're saying? I can't find the answer anywhere.
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    Sprint phone for Boost Mobile?

    I had a boost mobile phone on boost but I dropped it in water and now it doesn't work, since I need a new phone I want to get a better one but on boost still, is there anyway I can get an htc eve...
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    Is this a good song.....?

    (VERSE 1)
    I've spent these last days hoping

    To replace the burnt out stars in this old crown

    How much different than before

    How much different is this soul within me now
  19. Can i have a non Verizon phone on my plan?

    I am already a current Verizon customer and have a monthly plan and a phone from them! But I really like my old phone better, which is a Pantech Impact. So what I am wondering is, can I activate this...
  20. Can I use a Us Cellular phone on a Tmobile plan?

    I found this really nice Galaxy S by Us Cellular the other day, and I'm not sure what to do with it. I, myself, lost my phone also and I could really use a new one. There was a password lock and...
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    is it cross sell or cross sale?

    always thought it was sell but somebody at work just corrected me, so now I'm not sure?
  22. Can I use my same number, if I change from Telstra to Vodafone?

    I have a locked Telstra phone.. But I want to buy a new phone and the company is with Vodafone.. Can I carry my number onto my Vodafone???
  23. is there a good and legit website where i can get the ipad 2 for like a really good price? Like $200? or....?

    even $100? Lol thanks
  24. Why won't my Suzuki TU250 start and how can I fix it?

    When I disengage the clutch and push the starter button it just clicks really quickly. The lights come on so it's not the battery. I have a horrible suspicion that there's a problem with the fuel...
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    What rhymes with orange? ?

    I can't think of anything and I need this answer for a test!
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