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    i would like a bike help?

    hi....i am a resident of bangalore .....i am planning to buy a decent bike in a couple of weeks.....i ride about 30-40 kms everyday from home to work.....please suggest me a good bike....and i don't...
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    Reg. RC Book trnsfer for used Two wheeler?

    i am staying in chennai i bought second hand bike from one two wheelrs shop. eariler i had plan to stay in chennai only for one year therefore i was just paying the insurance premium. RC book still...
  3. league of legends pvp.net patch has encounterd a problem?

    i downloaded league of legends a pc game and even though i have all the requirements to play the game, when i start it it shows like this "pvp.net patch has encounterd a problem and needs to close"....
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    cricket 07 gameplay problem?

    i have a pc console of cricket 07 world cup edition.when i choose a particular match,i learn that i always have to play as any one team.cant i make them both be played by the CPU?also please tell me...
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    Delete address bar history alone?

    How to delete sites that are stored in my address bar alone in Internet Explorer. I don't want to delete the history.
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    how to print in html?

    to print selected fealds in html
  7. i am not able to connect my nokia 5300 phone to my pc via data cable .,what

    should i do..? when i connect it ....error screen appear as "THE OPERATION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED"..what should i do..?
  8. I also get the Error code saying " An error occurred " while im chatting with...

    ...some friends? Im getting '' an error occurred '' on da chatting.i tried firefox,google chrome, e-buddy through my mobile but its hopeless i got the same error msg.i dont know wot to do.im hoping a...
  9. Internet speed - Built in HSPA modem (using SIM) slower than 3g Cell phone (using...

    ...same SIM)? Hi,

    Specification from one tablet PC is:

    Built in HSPA modem

    Internal 3G (Huawei EM770W:
    HSPA/UMTS 850/900/1900/2100MHz,
    HSUPA: 5.76Mbps (UL) / HSDPA: 7.2Mbps (DL))
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    bike mileage reduced a lot?

    hey i own herohonda hunk(india)i usually gives around 51kmpl but now its giving 40 or so from summer starting.i live in a place where temperature is 40C and damn sunny.engine oil and every thing is...
  11. Question about the Uruk Civilization (history)?

    The Uruk civilization in mesopotamia. What is it named after and how did it get its name.PLLLLLZ i need immediate help
  12. What are the desirable (but not yet available) features in a portable media player?

    I was assigned to study the usage of today's portable media players and how they can be improved.
    Can anyone suggest any features which you believe should be provided in a media player and which are...
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    financial problem how to get more money?

    how to grow in business & save more money
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    Please comment an rate my poem?


    Life gives you free choice
    But choice it is only an illusion
    All has been decided before
    No matter what you think

    You are never in control
    Someone has already decided for you
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    give him more time that would be gone away with

    give him more time that would be gone away with
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    ur dog is rescue dog or rescued dog?nyway blood...

    ur dog is rescue dog or rescued dog?nyway blood test for dog is same as humans they are helpfull
  17. From what I know, it's not. Deodorant is good.

    From what I know, it's not. Deodorant is good.
  18. capture data from image then store in database uisng php?

    i want to capture data from image and then store the string into the mysql database using php
  19. does th standard stereo system (factory fitted) in maruti suzuki dzire sound gud....?

    I actually am going to buy a swift dzire Zxi version. It has a factory fitted stereo system. Does it sound CLEAR with high CLARITy or is it very worse to buy an lxi and fit in my dzired stereo system
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