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  1. how has italian food affected australian dining?

    its for homework plaese help
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    what is an unlocked phone?

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    Fun, fling or nothing?

    Hi, I'm from a small place and about a month ago met a French guy who was out with his friends. We had a one night stand, I took his number but never thought much of it. A week or so later we saw...
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    2005 Mazda 6 Headlight Question?

    Can anyone tell me what all the lights on my car are? There are four holes but I don't know which lights go where. My low beams went out and now I don't know which ones they are because there are so...
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    As vodafone network gone down?

    My mate said she can get on everything else except facebook and she's on vodafone and I was just wondering has vodafone gone down if so hw long it down for
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    Aztec Indians 2

    Introduction to the People of the Sun
    The sun is a visible, astronomical fact - "the one immutable fact of existence, the source of all life on earth." It journeys overhead from east to west...
  7. When is Cricket Premier Dealer Conference?

    Do any one know when Cricket will be having its Premier dealer conference. Last year it was around this time but I have heard nothing about it this year. Also is it in still Las Vegas?
  8. Jax♥Tara (Sons of Anarchy) #26: Because we've seen the baby and the bump, now we want the bedroom

    In one of the season 4 previews it says : (not even a spolier imo, it just pertains to their cuts but i'll tag it anyways)

    [/sp]"the new sheriff bans or makes a bylaw against their colours." Now...
  9. Sharp pains in my vagina and I'm 31 weeks pregnant ?

    I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I sometimes get a small sharp pain inside my vagina. On a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst the pain is about a 2. Its my first time being pregnant so it seems like it would...
  10. Cheap camera that is good for profesional photography?

    I want a good camera..like over 10 mega pixels for under 500 dollars..would be great if it was 200 and under but I know that's hard to find. Anyone know of any good cameras that aren't to expensive?
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    Unlocked iPhone on Telus?

    I have a contract for a voice plan with Telus that is up at the end of the month. I like my plan, but am interested in a new phone. At the same time, I don't want to commit to another 3-year...
  12. People help! I need help with watching videos on my ipad!?

    I need movies for free, for example i have movies on my laptop. How do i connect the laptop and the ipad, what app should i use to watch the video? or i can only download them from apple store? :((((...
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    My phone is in danger?!?!?

    So i went to school in the morning at 7 and i guess when i got out of the car it fell in a puddle of water because its been raining for forever now. Someone found it and brought it in soaking wet....
  14. Bike pedal came off after being hit by a car.?

    Okay today I got hit by a car on. Beach cruiser, I'm fine thankfully! & my bike didn't mess up except the handle bar got crooked which I fixed. The PEDAL, came off everything works the crank thingy...
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    My phone is in danger?!?!?

    So i went to school in the morning at 7 and i guess when i got out of the car it fell in a puddle of water because its been raining for forever now. Someone found it and brought it in soaking wet....
  16. Panasonic House Phone says Check Tel Line?

    Our cordless Panasonic house phones have 'Check Tel Line' displayed on its screen, and whenever I press Talk, there's no dial tone. I've gone around to all the phones to make sure they're on the...
  17. is it safe to paint with breast cancer/?

    I was painting my kitchen and inhaled some of the fumes, I was wondering what effect this would have on me being that I have had a diagnosis of breast cancer and it is currently in remission.
  18. Do all UC Universities have a pre-med program ?

    Does all UC Universoties have a pre-med program ?
    I want to become a medical doctor in the future. Therefore, I want to go to medical school. Do all UC Universities have a pre-med program? Which UC...
  19. What is the last thing you ate and drank?

    Mine was pasta and wine (:
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    9th Grade Earth Science Question.?

    Im stuck on this hw question... Any help would be appreciated!

    Compare and contrast an ocean-ocean subduction boundary with ocean-continental subduction boundary.
  21. Which car would be better a chevy or a ford, please help?

    I am a mom of 4 and my oldest is turning 16 in a month. My boyfriend and I are buying her first car for her and we are stuck on a decision between a 2010 chevy tahoe or a 2010 ford expedition. I have...
  22. How to turn the captions off on my Samsung remote?


    the remote looks like this and I...
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    How to boost up your metabolism?

    So i heard that the higher metabolism you have te faster you can be able to lose weight, Is there any way to get a higher metabolism? Do any foods help gain metabolism and also if you use a product...
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    Bad mannered, bossy co-worker?

    Hi guys;

    It has been a while since I have to be put up with my co-worker's bad manners and bossy attitude.
    I am an incredibly shy and nervous person who hates confrontation and just the though...
  25. christina aguilera's purple bag in burlesque?

    Does anyone know what make of bag the purple handbag christina aguilera has in the Burlesque movie is? It's quite large and it's the one she's carrying as she's leaving town. Thanks.
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