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  1. my CLEAR Spot 4G device is never green, always amber, how can i get it green for best signal?

    I've been using the Clear Spot internet device for a lil while now, and I must say, I hate it right now. I like that it's wireless and I can take it with me places, but I just can't get maximum...
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    just purchased new stereo, need help!!!!?

    i just bought an alpine cda 9883 from my friend. i know Absolutely nothing about stereos. it came with a ipod cord, will this work for my iphone 4s? and will you tell me every thing i need to know...
  3. Cheapest flight ticket: Richmond, Virginia to West Palm Beach, Florida?

    I drove up to Richmond while on my travels, next I am visiting West Palm Beach, Florida. I am wondering what is the cheapest plane ticket to go from Richmond, Virginia to West Palm Beach, Florida...
  4. Is a 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 manual worth buying for $35,000?

    Im looking into buying a nice and fast car, i dont want a mustang because i see them everywhere, and i like the Camaro, but none are for sale near me, but the is a Dodge challenge srt8 in a nearby...
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    Unlock iPhone for T-Mobile?

    I have an iPhone 3G version 4.2.1 and I upgraded to a baseband of 6.15.00. I installed ultrasn0w, but it still won't unlock my phone it will say searching... for about 5 minutes and then say no...
  6. Does anyone know the size of the nut on the front sprocket on a Suzuki Quadrunner 160?

    Also does anyone know the size of the nut on the rear axle that holds the axle to the frame? Id be very happy if anyone could tell me, my atv is loaded up to go riding and i got a new front sprocket...
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    HTC 7 Pro with US Cellular?

    I am going to be getting a smartphone, and since I already have windows 7 on my laptop, should I get the HTC 7 Pro with US Cellular? I am going to stay with US Cellular anyway, no matter what, or...
  8. Can I buy an unlocked iphone 4s and use it with US Cellular?

    If I buy the unlocked iPhone 4s when it comes out, then can I buy one and use it on us cellular which currently doesnt have the iPhone?
  9. What can I use as a sustain pedal in Logic Express?

    In the recording program Logic Express 8, is there anything I can use that could simulate a guitar sustain pedal?
  10. How much would my custom BMX bike be worth?

    Here are the parts (all used except the forks are brand new) Macneil frame(4.2lbs), redline device cranks, eclat plastic pedals, macneil XLT bars, odi longneck grips, salt plus stem, stolen headset,...
  11. i need serious help with my yamaha raptor 660r?

    Ok i have a 2002 yamaha raptor 660r i rebuilt like before summer and it did good but it has a problem i put water in the rad and i ride it once than check it again and its all gone its in the oil so...
  12. What episode is the peter and quagmire car fight From Family guy?

    My friend wants to know cuz it's so funny
  13. how can i boost up my wifi on my ps3.. not the router but on my ps3. will tinfoil work?

    my internet shuts off at 10 because of my mom, is there a way i can boost up my wifi using house supplies if so that would be very helpful THANKS!!! haha because i have a neighbor that i get like 30...
  14. I need help with my yamaha raptor 660r cooling system?

    Ok so i can fill it up and drive it and when i come back say from about 5 minutes of ride there is not water in the rad i have already made sure i got all the air out where an the hell is the water...
  15. Html coding help for using a webcam on a website.?

    I am trying to get a users webcam to stream to their monitor, like a mirror. Ive tried copying the source bits that i though would do it, but it was just a blank widget. I'm not sure how to get this...
  16. how much will gamestop buy starcraft 2 used pc for?

    i want to sell my copy of starcraft 2: wings of liberty for PC, to gamestop. do you think they would give me at least 20 dollars? its about 7 months old, and is in mint condition, only used a couple...
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    2004 yamaha blaster bearings help?

    hello i own a 2004 yamaha blaster and i was wondering what kind of tools you need to put in new bearings thank you for your help.
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    Question about MTV's Awkward?!?

    Okay, so I don't understand what Tamara's boob smudge on the window was in wpisode 8?! Anyone know???? Thanks(:
  19. im 15 and ride a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250 and next year when i turn 16 i plan on

    upgrading what should i get? i like the sportbike style but any suggestions are appreciated thanks
    im just looking for something that is more sport bike looking the 07 ninja 250 was the last year...
  20. will the roof of a normal mazda protege be used on a MazdaSPEED Protege?

    i recently put my 2003 MazdaSPEED protege on its head. i am probably going to repair the damage as it is all body work, but i am going to have to go the cheapest way possible, so i was wondering if...
  21. How many crickets should my baby beadie have a day?

    Hi, i want to know how many crickets I should feed my baby bearded dragon. Also should the veggies be organic or does it really matter? The store say 3-5 in the morning and night, is that correct...
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    Second Generation Dodge Stratus and mpg?

    Hello. I have a second generation dodge stratus and i get 18 mpg. The way i did it was i found
    Record miles & gallons and fill up
    Record miles & gallons at second trip and fill up
    subtract the...
  23. I need help with a rhyming poem and one other?

    I am trying to write a rhyming poem that is 14 lines and makes sense any poems that somebody can give me that are not by a famous person and also I need a simile or metaphor and personification.

  24. When writing Fiction, can one legally write, "Benelli M4 Tactical 12-gauge"?

    or must it be "M4 Tactical 12-gauge?"
  25. i have a flash drive and i downloaded spore creatures onto it?

    when i plugged the flashdrive into a different computer it just showed three files so i dont know how to start the game
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