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  1. Have you heard of a Australian Female Christian singer who's last name is Cook?

    I don't know her first name but I heard some of her music ages a go and really liked it, I'm wondering if any one knows who she is.
  2. I want to buy a ordinary bike to go bike riding but I am short?

    I am 5'1 so what do you think the height of the bike I buy should be? 60cm?
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    Yamaha dtr 125 radiator?

    Do I fill my Yamaha dtr125 with 50/50 coolant and distilled water? Can you use tap water?
    Or what is best? Thanks
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    How can i better write this?

    It's so weird how once you're done with feeling angry and hurt with someone and even after you've erased them from your life completely - you can still worry and care about them just enough to hope...
  5. Of course not. Cats are obligate carnivores,...

    Of course not. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they can't live healthily without meat. You're not eating the fish, you're just doing what's right for them. I'm vegan & feed my cat meat because...
  6. Can I write this any better or does this sound okay?

    Students need to achieve their full potential through encouragement in learning, where the focus is not on the perception of others, (rating them to be good classroom managers based on their...
  7. Everything else looks vegan, but Propellant?? I...

    Everything else looks vegan, but Propellant?? I don't know what that might mean exactly in terms of food. I'd have to look it up & I can't easily do that at the moment.

    But, I don't use that crap...
  8. Poll: Which job would you prefer to do of the following?

    Plz don't say "neither of them" or something else... It's just a poll and you don't have to answer. Thanks :)

    Police Officer
    School Teacher
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    What do you think of this poem?

    It's how I feel about my ex

    Another lesson learned
    Wasn't worth another scar
    But since the day you left me
    I've been better off by far

    Another waste of time
    For you, I gave a lot
    I had...
  10. Drop them like hot potatoes. Bluntly ignore them...

    Drop them like hot potatoes. Bluntly ignore them without giving any reason. Don't take their calls or speak to either of them again. Let them deal with karma and distance yourself.. Wait for a...
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    Truly Madly Deeply was their best I think.

    Truly Madly Deeply was their best I think.
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