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  1. Economics disscussion question any suggestions?

    What are the effects of technology on the various market structures? Justify your answer by providing three real life examples.
  2. Can someone help with this economics? I am totally stuck on this?

    Life’s two certificates are death and taxes. Some day it could be just as certain that Service Corp. International will handle your funeral.
    The Houston-based company will handle one in 10...
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    Micro economics help?

    Suppose all your friends offered to help wash your car. Would marginal physical product decline as more friends helped? Why or Why not?
  4. An economics disscussion question any suggestions?

    What is the difference between the effect of short- and long-run price elasticity of demand to consumer’s purchasing decision?
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    A business statistics question?

    What are the inherent advantages of comparing the means of two populations using sample data ? Can we be sure that the comparison is accurate ? Why or why not ?
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