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    Great looking legs for going dancing?

    Im 15 and going out dancing as drag for the 1st time tommorrow (soo excited!) But me legs are really hairy and im wearing fab leather sparkly short shorts what method should i use to get rid of a lot...
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    Wholesale China Electronics online?

    Wholesale electronics are very popular for online sellers.However, for newcomers looking to enter this market segment, it's easy to get caught up in wholesaler scams. Please give me some advice on...
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    Turtle beach tangos or astros a50s?

    Stuck in a dylema on which one to get . Would appreciate the differences . What one is better to buy ? Thank you in advance x
  4. orderd to complete army correspondence courses?

    My 1SG has ordered me and a few other soldiers in my unit to complete a few hundred hours of correspondence courses within the month. He has threaten to bar us from re-enlistment and push for a...
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    HTC Evo 3D VS HTC Sensation?

    Which one of these two phones is best for me?... OK looking for a new htc android phone and have rounded it off to these two phones im not really a big fan of the 3d but i dont hate it.

    i don't...
  6. How much will htc evo 3d cost after Christmas?

    how much do you think it will cost after christmas off an australian website such as mobicity techrific ect
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    How fast is a 100% stock 1998 dodge neon?

    I want to get Into racing and I found one for 100 bucks. Buying it either way. But just inquiring about speed....pros and cons
  8. Can I tether my Boost Mobile Samsung Transform Ultra?

    It runs on 3G, is it possible to share the internet, if yes how?
  9. what amp would be best to power 2 15" rockford fosgate p3's 600 watt rms each ?

    the less expensive the better as long as it is not comprimising the quality or loudness
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    What do you think is best.
  11. htc sensation vs evo 3d vs motorola defy plus vs atrix 4g?

    can you please give me an overall best one and why also 2nd and 3rd place and why
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    HELP ME FIND A MIDI file for synthesia?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me find the MIDI for "Park Hye Ri-stranger sun" it also goes by the name "natseon hae", It's from the Korean Drama "boys over flowers". I'm needed it to play on...
  13. Question:Explore the way John Steinbeck presents and explores the desires of Curley's wife?

    please can you help me answer 10 quotes about Curley's wife thanks
  14. Is Siri going to be available as an update for the iPad 2 later on?

    The Siri software for the IPhone 4S which is mainly voice control, do u think it would be available for the iPad 2 too?
  15. Copyright on video game montages, commentries etc?

    whats the copyright rules around recording gameplay and making a montage or adding commentry over it on youtube and other video sites?
    Because im a partner and i have to keep my slate clean of...
  16. Does anyone know how to cheat on International Cricket Captain 2011?

    as in like actually cheat and not being douche bags
  17. FInding out where to purchase sheet music and conductor scores!?

    I'm in need of help of finding out exactly where you can purchase sheet music for songs such as those played by the Eminence symphony, or songs such as the arrangement of "mamma mia" played by he...
  18. Ps3 Online Gaming Witch Internet To Choose?

    I Have 120GB Ps3 and a modem ( BIG POND ) it is used for my mums computer and im at the other end of the house using wireless on it but now we got another computer using the wireless and a laptop as...
  19. 1993 jeep grand cherokee practicaly exploded?

    wat happened was i was driving home and my amp meter was showin almost dead and it began to get hotter and hotter so as soon as i got home i popped the hood open and there was radiator fluid every...
  20. 1993 jeep grand cherokee practicaly exploded?

    wat happened was i was driving home and my amp meter was showin almost dead and it began to get hotter and hotter so as soon as i got home i popped the hood open and there was radiator fluid every...
  21. i invested in things many years ago in different states while in the army. what web

    sites would i need to loca? sites can i find my funds ? like unclaimed funds , taxes
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    is limewire coming back?

    when is it coming back?
  23. I have a question of the yugioh card Royal decree.?

    I need to know if the trap card Royal Decree is forbidden?
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    backpacking trips in Florida?

    I'm a novice backpacker looking for a one- or two-night backpacking trip, preferably in central Florida, with my friends. North or South Florida is okay, too, but I'd rather avoid the southern tip...
  25. Whats the thread size for my Sony DCR-SR67 handycam?

    i am having trouble finding out the thread size for my DCR-SR67.I want to buy a fisheye for it but i dont know the thread size.
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