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  1. Are Electrical Engineering & Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. same or different?

    I want to do Electrical Engg. but the college I have opted i.e. Symbiosis Institute of Tech. has Electronics & Telecom. Engg. so are these both same or different.!
  2. Can you use t mobile prepaid on a phone that isn't unlocked but on t mobile network?

    I have the prepaid activation kit with sim card and month, but I'm not sure if you need an unlocked phone if the phone is a t mobile phone.

    Example: I buy a used t mobile galaxy s2 t989 not...
  3. In elder scrolls Skyrim can you send your kids away?

    I have 2 adopted sons in the game but I want to get rid of one and get a daughter instead is there anyway I can get rid of them?
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    why wont bittorrent download any torrents?

    i get my torrents from kickasstorrents.com and every time it gets reqdy to download it says "Error: The system cannot find file". it was working just find before and now its doing this to me.
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    I ate Taco Bell and now I feel sick?

    First off for the past 2 weeks I've been on a diet and every weekend I have cheat days.
    I had Taco Bell. 4 tacos, the Doritos kinda,
    Woke up feeling dreadful. And sick nauseous.
    Anything I...
  6. can you replace the graphics card on a sony vaio e series?

    the model number is VPCEA36FG and i want to get a better graphics card for it also it has a major fan problem the thing sounds like a chainsaw most of the time im not over cloaking and i use a...
  7. What is the distance of the haboa hyper 7 1/ rc car?

    How far can the car drive, by estimate before it looses signal?
  8. Should i get the HTC One V or the kyocera rise?

    I need a new phone but idk which to pick. I have virgin mobile so dont tell me to get ATT or Verizon
  9. whats the name of the horror/suspence movie where a new doctor turns out to be an old patient there?

    i think it came out 3-6 yrs ago.the new doctor,nurse,or phsyciatris use to be a patient at the insane assylum and was the craziest one.he escaped when he was a little boy and came back to kill...
  10. how can i watch flash applications on my ps vita?

    i cant find a download for adobe
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    My cook wants to marry me?

    Should I marry the cook in the kitchen?

    I don't know her name.
  12. Are sites like buymobilephones.net trustworthy?

    I am looking to get a new phone on contract and the best deals are on buymobilephones.net & dial-a-phone.com, but the offers on their sites aren't on sites like Carphone Warehouse & Orange, so I'm...
  13. what are some good iPod ready Alpine Car Stereo's?

    I have a '99 grand am, I have had Alpine in the past and loved their iPod display. It has been a few years since I bought my last one and need a more modern and upgraded model. Any Ideas? Looking to...
  14. If free music sharing / downloading sites are illegal, why doesn't the Government just shut them down?

    And if they can just start a new site, why doesn't the government confiscate their collection?
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    Civilization IV help?

    My friend recommended that I buy Civilization IV. I went and bought it, and it looks fun, but it also looks really involved and I have no idea how to play it at all. Where should I go for help?
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    Does pre-grounded nutmeg work?

    i am aware of the fact that the nutmeg high is the body's reaction to the poisonious contents of the seed, so please, no preaches. Last night i took 3 tablespoons of pre-grounded nutmeg, but nothing...
  17. Help 1 of my angel fish is attacking the other one ank evety time it come out from hiding next 2 the plants?

    u have a 130L tank with 4 neon and 2 sword fish
  18. A cartoon where people live in the sky and this girls mom gets kidnapped?

    Its this old cartoon a long time ago I can't remember, This girl lived in the the sky and her mom gets kidnapped by this group of people, the girl is searching for her. It was when I had dish, ever...
  19. Are the RC cars on this website fully built, or are they kits?

    I can't quite work out wether or not the RC cars in the link are ready to use right out of the box, or not?
    Sorry, I forgot to attatch the link! Here it is:
  20. I have a 2008 mazda rx8 that wont start. sounds like the starter is working & pullies turning. just making a w?

    Whining sound and not cranking the motor. What could it be?
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    What is the most reliable 125 dirt bike?

    I want to get a 125 2 stroke, I'm asking which bike has the best reputation for not blowing up, please don't base your answer off performance, but of you want you can add your preference in power to...
  22. 1990s era toyota vs ford for first truck 10 points?

    Witch is tuffer Beter off road more reliabal
  23. orange liquid leaking from exhaust on rc car?

    I have a sport werks chaos rc car that is leaking orange fluid from exhaust and out barely will drive whats wrong it worked a week ago
    could that also be the reason why it just crepes around instead...
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    How to start an rc car?

    I just boght a sports werks chaos from yard sale and I don know the first thing about rc csrs please help me out
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    Yamaha r6 vs r6s............?

    Wich is fastest and handeles good
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