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  1. does deleting intel(r) graphics media accelerator for mobile, affects my laptop?

    i downloaded and installed updates for my laptop and when i restarted there was this driver known as intel(r) graphics media accelerator driverfor mobile, i want to know if i remove it will it affect...
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    Advice on buying telescope eyepieces?

    Hi, I have recently bought a Clectron Skywatcher 130mm reflector scope and was thinking of buying some extra eyepieces to give me a sharper closer view of objects than the ones that I already have....
  3. How to get interface for a Motorola modem @

    Made a number of attempts without any search results from I.E. or Google.
  4. Your payment method is: "manual certification." In order to continue to receive payments you are required to s?

    wondering what this response means from edd. I wasn't sent a confirmation email if the claim was accepted for payment so wasn't sure if this is just saying they need more forms
    Your payment...
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    Is a Harley Davidson fast?

    My dad agreed to buy me a motorbike for my 18th birthday, so now I have to choose which one.

    I don't know much about motorbikes but I want one which is fast so I can beat all the cars at traffic...
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    How do you keylog a bluetooth keyboard?

    I've tried this with my Ipad on the bluetooth keyboard for my mac but it can only connect to one device at a time. How can you log both.
  7. Where do I find parts for a 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster?

    Hi, I'm trying to aquire parts for a 1979 Harley Davidson 1979 XLH Sportster and I'm really struggling. My father had this bike when he bought it....in 1979. He's now ready to pass it on down to me...
  8. What should I get: a Ducati sports bike or a Harley Davidson cruiser?

    I'm not the sort of guy who goes around speeding and doing wheelies, but even so, I want a powerful bike just because I like the feel of it and the engine makes a better sound. My options are a...
  9. Greatest Rapper (Solo/Duo/Group) of All Time?

    1.Top 3 Greatest 90's/early 00's solo rapper?Favorite song,album.
    2.Current favorite rapper?Why.
    3.Duo?Favorite song,album.
    4.Group?Favorite song,album.
    5.What do you think about the new...
  10. straight-talk SIM card is not working with iPhone4?

    Okay so usually I use straight-talk's service plan on my iphone4 (at&t GSM). I have to unlock it in order to get the data and messages to work. well, I forgot to refill my plan in time, thus causing...
  11. If I drink water during exercise, will it help me gain weight?

    For example, if I drink water during a bodyweight calf raise, will the water weight go to the calf muscles that are being built instead of building weightless muscle?
    I don't have any problem...
  12. google chrome displays on the start menu. what to do?

    google chrome icon display when i press start button in windows 7. when you put your pointer to that icon it shows the whole history. i dont want that because people can easily see my web history if...
  13. What happens to toast commands in an app run on a Android 4.2 device?

    What happens to toast commands in an app run on a Android 4.2 device? Does it crash the app, simply not work or what? Know workarounds please, rather than writing my on clear popup window?
  14. How can I access the web on my kyocera brio?

    When i try to access the web on my Pay-lo phone which i got today, (prepaid) it loads and all, but when i type the address in like google.com or something, it loads just a bit on the bottom bar then...
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    How can I access the web on my kyocera brio?

    When i try to access the web on my Pay-lo phone which i got today, (prepaid) it loads and all, but when i type the address in like google.com or something, it loads just a bit on the bottom bar then...
  16. Can you run Windows Mobile 5 applications on Windows Mobile 6/6.5?

    We have a app written for Windows Mobile 5 and just wondering if upgrading the current units to Windows Mobile 6.5 will cause any issues...
    Any proof?
  17. Would you agree that I'm a powerful combatant?

    I recently turned 17, got a fast car and started working out. I can bench press A LOT, none of you could be as strong as me. I can bench 300, maybe 320 on a good day. The last time I got mad - and...
  18. How do I fix HTML link problems on newer cell phones?

    I'm working on a web site http://www.sponsorourvets.org/ and for some reason the links will not go to the intended targets when people are on the web site using their newer phones. Phones like...
  19. What was that cartoon show about that detective that had yellow,short,spiky hair & solved paranormal mysteries?

    All i remember was what i said above, it was a cartoon tv series about a yellow short spiky haired detective that solved paranormal mysteries.
  20. Where can I watch Evangelion dubbed on my iPod touch with iOS 4?

    I want to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion dubbed on my iPod touch which has iOS 4 for free, but have not been able to find any sites where the videos would work, and have already tried a number of...
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    any good ww2 games?(ps3)?

    except from brothers in arms hells highway,cod 5,battlefield 1943
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    Is it worth buying a Cadillac?

    Im about to get my license and in about 8 months I will be getting my restricted license. This means I will be able to drive by myself without parents, but I wont be able to drive my friends unless...
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    How do you cook cabbage?

    How long do you boil cabbage to get it tender?
  24. Better on fuel? A Yamaha 250 or a Honda rebel 250?

    I can't decide if I should get a Rebel 250 or a Yamaha virago/v star 250. I only care about three things: Fuel Economy is the most important, followed by reliability, and then longevity of the bike...
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    Elite military close quarters combat?

    Are military elite units such as Rangers, SF, SEALs, etc taught anything beyond basic combatives or MCMAP? If so, what is it?
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