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    Epilepsy and becoming a doctor?


    I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in June, and they called it primary generalized seizures and my neruologist who has additional training in epilepsy prescribed Keppra XR. The medicine failed...
  2. Are Moes and Chipotles really healthy restaurants?

    Or just a trick to make people think their food really is all they say it is?
  3. how come dating requires so much trial and error?

    if girls wanted a special guy who actually cares about them, they'd give more guys a chance instead of shooting them down right away for stupid reasons.
  4. Would you buy a used Internet cable Motorola SB5101U modem from ebay?

    Would you buy a used Internet cable Motorola SB5101U modem from ebay? I want to buy a used one and give back the one I have to Time Warner so they stop charging me for it every month

    $28 on ebay....
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    Honda CBR 1000rr or Ducati S2R?

    Looking at used Motorcycles -- Can't Decide between 2006 Honda CBR 1000rr and a 2006 Ducati Monster S2R. Ducati looks like sitting is a little more upright, I am 6'1'' so that worries me a little. I...
  6. How to hide carrier name on iphone 4s ios 6 without a jailbreak?

    I have red pocket mobile and i cannot stand how long the carrier name is. I tried ibackup bot but i guess it doesn't support ios 6 yet. So does anybody know how to hide the carrier name without...
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    What's your current phone ringtone?

    Mine is standard ring on my blackberry what about you? :)
  8. What One Thing Do You Believe Should be a Pre-Requisite For One Running for Prez?

    Some people say that the candidate should have to have owned a business.
    Others say the Prez should have to have served in military.

    I say they should have to work a minimum wage job for at least...
  9. Is it possible to reclaim PPI on a loan/card/HP which was not fully repaid?

    I would assume not but in that case why are their sales people constantly calling me?
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    How do you cook this?

    I forgot what the farmer told me it was called, but it looks like this: http://www.smilepolitely.com/images/uploads/food/2011/may/18/drp2139047x.jpg

    So far I've only tried stir-frying it--It...
  11. On 97 chevy 1500 the service engine light will start to flash, sometimes not right away?

    sometimes it will not come on at all when I start it up, but will eventually start to flash, then might go solid later on. I understand this could be the catalytic converter, If the catalytic...
  12. is there anyway i can get instagram for my htc wildfire?

    apparently it's not compatible. i figured when it had been announced it was coming to android, that it would work on my htc? but it isn't letting me install, unfortunately
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    help how can i stop the desire of sex?

    I had sex with my girlfriend yesterday, i felt very guilty after that. i love her so much, i hate that i cannot control over myself, i don't wanna hurt her anymore. she cried after i apologized, that...
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    Building Site With Php, java and mysql?

    I am building my website with php, java ect... but I realize that they won't work on my desktop without a host. I am not ready to upload them yet to go live so is there a way to make them work? All...
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    Glee fans only! What's this episode?

    It happened after Santana told Brit she loves her....

    Its the episode where Brittany comes up to Santana telling her she misses her. Then they go to their lockers and dirt comes out of it... its...
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    Video Music suggestions?

    So I am going on vacation and I want to compile a bunch of photos and videos together and I want some fun spunky background music...no words really just something quick paced and a good beat to...
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    Best Android available for US Cellular?

    I'm have US Cellular and I want to buy a new phone. Which one is the best? I don't know much about phones, especially smart phones, so I need a little help.
  18. what is the difference between the philips fidelio ds3000, ds3010 and ds3020?

    is it just the colour? they are all roughly the same price, thankyou
  19. Will this guy that likes me stop talking to me?

    There is this guy I recently met and he likes me. I'm still deciding if i like him or not because i havent gotten to know him enough yet. He calls me always and texts me and asks me to hang out. The...
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    what business can i start?

    What is an inexpensive small business I can start for under $1000.00
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    Protectant for Chrome Rims against Road Salt?

    I just got a new set of black chrome rims and it is about to be winter and I've heard that that salt that the snow trucks put on the roads will ruin the chrome. I plan to wipe them down frequently...
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    The best primer to use for my skin type?

    Hi, new here, bear with me. I have a tricky skin type. I know what kinds of foundations work best for me, but I am now looking for a good primer to use. I have combo/oily skin(drier in the...
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    Wireless Keyboards with mouse pad?

    Are there any wireless usb PC keyboards that have some type of mouse pad attached to the bottom/side? I want a wireless keyboard to use when my laptop is connected to my HDTV, and I'm leaning towards...
  24. 1998 yamaha big bear 350 2x4 will not go into reverse?

    my yamaha big bear 350 will not go into reverse. the reverse lever will NOT pull down. any ideas what the problem could be
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    Do you think Nick Jonas has a cute butt?


    Here he is in a softball uniform.

    His butt looks so hot here!!!
    Doesn't it!?...
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