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  1. can i activate a alltel LG chocolate touch with verizon wireless?

    i bought a alltel chocolate touch thinking it was from Verizon would i still be able to use it?
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    Which Phone Should I Get From Verizon?

    I am going to switch over to Verizon Wireless and I wasn't sure what phone to get. I liked the Intensity II, Kin One, and the Cosmos Touch. I am constantly texting. I don't want the data plan either....
  3. I have a old desktop & a new laptop with a new printer & Alltel PCI wireless...

    ...internet card....? ...Will a router hook all 2geth
    I want to get on line with my laptop &/or desktop without moving my PCI internet card & be able to print from my new wireless printer from...
  4. How can you unlock an i-phone 3gs with paying?

    I just brought my friends i-phone 3gs . She already jail broke it and she told me in oder to un lock it I have to go to rogers(that's the phone company I use) and it cost $30. But I was wondering if...
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    The Secret Garden flowers?

    I need to do a project on 'The Secret Garden' and want to draw some of the distinct flowers and plants that are listed. The problem is, I can't get ahold of the book again on time. Please help?
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    Biology Test Study Guide Help?

    1. The “father” of genetics was
    AT. A. Knight. BHans Krebs.
    CGregor Mendel. DNone of the above

    2. Mendel obtained his P generation by allowing the plants to
    Across-pollinate. Bself-pollinate....
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    I wAnna go to rehab.......4"?

    I am 14 years old and I wanna go to Rehab. I feel so ugly and stupid. And I feel like everyone around me is better than me. I'm not fat I'm average for my age. But I feel stupid and awkward and I...
  8. Blogger.com will not load "HTML edit" or let me choose "Compose"?

    I just tried to start using the site today but now instead of sharing my feelings with the internet i rather punch my computer in the face! Some one please help!
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    Simple Biology Help...?

    One gamete is formed during?
    a. spermatogenesis
    b. oogenesis
    c. sexual reproduction
    d. crossing-over

    Chromosomes that are similar in size, shape, and genetic content are called which of the...
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    Biology Help (Simple)...?

    what are the chromosomes not directly involved in determining the sex of an individual
    a. asexual chromosomes
    b. chromatids
    c. autosomes
    d. haploid

    chromosomes that contain genes that will...
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    Do you like these old fashioned names?

    Just say "yes" or "no" for each on whether you like them! (or you can go into more detail too!)

  12. Suggestions on cleaning my grill cooking surface WELL!!! I use a wire brush, but it...?

    ...doesn't get all the burnt layer off
    How can I make it shine again?
    Is there a way to get all the burnt charcoal off of the cooking surface?
    What do you wipe it with and how do you get the caked...
  13. I think my cat is sick. I can't take him to the vet, but what can I do for him?

    My cat has been suffering from dehydration and I think depression. He doesn't eat very much anymore and I rarely see him drink. I've also noticed a significant weight loss. He has also been wetting...
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    guy at the gym interested ?

    i go to the gym 4 days a week and i notice this guy. he's there basically at the same time i go. my friend came with me once and she noticed a guy staring me ALOT. i thought he was lookin at her, but...
  15. is there anywhere to watch degrassi season 10 (fall)?

    i con't wait any longer to watc the rest of degrassi season 10
  16. Does anyone know anything about Connections Academy school.?

    So I'm trying to get into this school, and they only thing holding me back from getting in is Texas. They keep telling me that they are waiting for Texas to approve the new curriculum for high...
  17. Parents have you done anything really scatterbrained lately?

    On Saturday we took our 3 yr old to the zoo. It was a long car ride and we brought along plenty of snacks, including cheese. On Monday when I got in my car after work, I smelled this horrible...
  18. how do I sync my facebook picture to my contacts on my nokia nuron?

    please help me
  19. Does a SIM card come with a pay as you go phone from rogers?

    So I am getting a corby plus from rogers and I was wondering does it come with a SIM card?
    Thanks for Answering
  20. Who is this mysterious disfigured Canadian amateur Olympic athlete?

    The other day I was talking to a Canadian gentleman, and he mentioned in passing an apparently well-known Canadian amateur athlete by name. Apparently this gentleman is not particularly good at...
  21. Is buying a 2001 toyota prius a smart move?

    I currently drive a 1995 Toyota 4Runner, and my husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of August. I am looking into trading or selling my car to purchase a used, more gas effecient...
  22. Unless you somehow already have the Android 2.2...

    Unless you somehow already have the Android 2.2 update for the droid, you can't yet watch flash videos on your phone.
    2.2 should be coming to the motorola droid sometime this month, and will support...
  23. Yes Yu Can Cuz It's Unlimited! Yu Should Text Me...

    Yes Yu Can Cuz It's Unlimited!
    Yu Should Text Me
  24. Yes Yu Can Cuz It's Unlimited! Yu Should Text Me...

    Yes Yu Can Cuz It's Unlimited!
    Yu Should Text Me
  25. Yes Yu Can Cuz It's Unlimited! Yu Should Text Me...

    Yes Yu Can Cuz It's Unlimited!
    Yu Should Text Me
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