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    I accidentally killed a cricket! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    While I was walking, I found a dead cricket on the floor, squashed and dead. In horror, I picked it up and flushed it down the toilet! What should I do? Will I get bad luck? If so, what should I do to ward it off? Please reply soon...

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    So strange that I found another person who experienced this then searched the web for answers. I love all creatures and hate it so much when they die, although I am not sure if I was the one who killed it, I grabbed the little guy that was still alive and took him outside to die in peace. I do not care for nor do I believe in bad luck so that is irrelevant to me but it saddens me when this sort of thing happens. Remember that you are compassionate and that you value this creatures life, that way it will not have died in vein, death is inevitable, its the compassion felt for other creatures that makes life precious.

    Do not worry of karma or bad luck, that is all in your mind, a human construct.
    The compassion or love that you feel is pure and real.



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