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    Earth Science Questions!?!?Easy ten points!!?

    I need help with a few earth science questions. First answer with correct answers for these questions will receive the ten points.!! THANKS!

    True OR False...

    Oceanic crust becomes denser and subsides as it moves away from the mid-ocean ridge.

    Gravity anomalies along the mid-ocean ridge show that it sits upon a high-density layer, thus indicating that the oceanic crust is thin under the ridge.

    Multiple Choice...

    Which of the following coincides almost exactly with the crest of the mid-ocean ridge?

    band of composite volcanoes
    collection of volcanic arcs
    band of shallow-focus earthquakes

    Seismicity along divergent plate boundaries is concentrated along
    the crest of the mid-ocean ridge
    the lowest parts of the oceanic crust
    rocky areas away from the rift zones

    A continental rift is a zone where

    divergent margins develop within continents
    convergent margins cause mantle upwelling within a continent
    the continental crust is getting thicker because of tectonic activity

    Which part of North America is an example of a continental rift zone?
    Basin and Range Province
    Gulf Coast
    Central Plains

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    ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee booboo
    ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee booboo's Avatar


    i've been looking for this answers all day & no luck . -_-



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