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    help my mifi from verizon (wireless internet) runs so slow !!!?

    my wifi downloads at at max 100 kb/sec that's like dial up speed can some one please help Verizon has yet to do so and im stuck in my contract for a little over a year left(Verizon MiFi) tried down loading a 3 hour music theory vid i purchased and the first time it took 6 hrs and then the power went out and it erased the down load so now i have to do it again and now its taking lie 8 hrs and eating up my allowed gb for the month,its only a 1.6 gb download but it eats at least 3 gb to down load and im only allowed 5 gb for the month,freakin sucks,i feel like im living back in the mid 90's again!!!

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    So, If you have internet connection speed problem with your wireless try with the following steps,
    1.)Reset the wireless router by using the power switch on it or by unplugging it and plugging it back in.
    2.)Place the wireless router in an ideal location. The higher it is, the better, but don't put it near metal objects.
    3.)Get as close as possible to the router with whatever device you're trying to connect.
    4.)Keep the router and your connecting device away from other electronics. You should especially keep away from phones, fax machines and microwaves. etc.,
    5.)Adjust the Wifi antenna if it has one.
    6.)Change the router's channel, especially if other wireless routers are nearby.
    Following these steps would give you stable internet connection and also increased speed in connection. You can check your internet speed from scanmyspeed.com before and after following these steps.



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