Okay, what I meant is whether or not a sim card that came from a "dumb" phone like LG Shine 2 will work on a smartphone. See my dad has an LG shine right that he hates due to too much scratches on screen. So he bought a used locked smartphone called Palm Pixi Plus by At&t that has wifi from eBay. He has no data plan or text messaging plan on the Shine so it's all simply a phone for voice calling. He plans on transferring the Shine's sim card to the Pixi. Will the network recognize this? Will At&T be able to detect that a "dumb" phone user is using a smartphone now? What happens if he accidentally goes to the internet (browser, facebook, youtube...) w/o connecting to wifi first (as in 3G is used instead)? Will wifi be free by the way? Can he turn off the 3G so that he doesn't get charged if possible?