I dare you to Google search this, but as for my thoughts

Disabled needing lifts to enter pools

1) More injuries are caused by lifts like these then someone helping you in the public or hotel pool. (currently lifeguards fill this service)
2) If you need a lift to get in and out of the pool because people can't lift you out of your chair or guide you into the pool or help you get out of the pool you shouldn't be in that pool.


1) The cost for such would be enormous (maintenance and repairs)
2) Lawsuits for injuries would also be large
3) The costs will either be applied on owners and thus getting rid of pools or passing the cost down to people **or costs will simply come in taxes**

Private Property

1) Hotels and the like are also effected, which are in fact private

Any thoughts?

Bizarre based on timing, and I question those good intentions because I don't believe many politicians have altruistic motivations, and secondly basing items on good intentions over results implies short sighted stupidity which is more dangerous than anything else, as all government wrong doings have been with "good intentions"

near elections, again I don't believe the act is based on pressing and sincere concern, it is incredible impractical even for Obama. The act would be a boon to trail lawyers and for getting publicity and or disabled. Though this is not the heart of the issue, the main point is the completely impractical burden and wasteful use of resources, when the current human based form of help has been quite functional. But to clarify timing again, the unreal aspect to it, leans towards political motivations more than anything else.