So the doorbell rang and as my front door doesn't work I went round the back way to the front to see who it was. It was a Johovah witness talking about religious views. I'm not the sort of person to walk away so I listened and he offered me
This book which I didn't really want and said I had no money hoping he wouldn't give it me but he said oh there is no charge for this publication we just want you to read it. So I took it and tried to look through it but as a result I don't believe anything in the book and will stick to my own faith.

BUT now the same guy keeps coming back! And he knows my front door doesn't work so he just let's himself into the garden via the gate! (this is not normal for strangers to do where I am from). He has done it about 3-4 times now and I don't know what to do. I don't want to talk to him but he never comes when my husband is at home so I feel an idiot just hiding! It's getting to the point where I feel we need a lock on the gate :-( what can I do??