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    combined gas law, Can you help me find these answers?

    A 25-liter sample of steam at 100°C and 1.0 atm is cooled to 25°C and expanded until the pressure is 19.71 mm Hg. If no water condenses, calculate the final volume of the water vapor.

    V = ______ L



    A compressor takes 0.50 m3 of a gas at 33°C and 760 mm Hg and compresses it to 0.10 m3, cooling it to -55°C at the same time. What is the pressure of the gas at these new conditions?

    P = ______ mm (Hg)


    Hydrogen chloride gas is shipped in a container under 5,100 mm Hg pressure that occupies 20.1 liters at 29°C. How many liters of gas would be produced at STP?

    V = _______ L


    To test the effectiveness of a gunpowder mixture, 1 gram was exploded under controlled STP conditions and the reaction chamber was found to expand to 310 cm3. What volume would these gases occupy at the temperature produced by an uncontrolled explosion (2,200.°C) and 2.1 atmospheres of pressure?

    V = ____ cm^3 (cubed)

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    knock at the door



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