According to ESPN reports, after being fired last season, the Nuggets coach George Best - Karl found a new job, he has been with ESPN signed a multi-year contract , will serve as the ESPN commentator . This is not the first time Karl cooperation with ESPN , as early in the 2003-04 season , Carl worked on the ESPN commentator , in addition , it is learned , Carl still hope to have the opportunity to return to NBA coaching . "I think they all know that if the right opportunity, I hope it will be NBA coaching , " Karl said, " Last year I had in Denver is great, but I also really enjoy the experience of eight years ago to do the narrator will analyze yourself into a role which is always a game very interesting thing , I hope my point of view from the coach for the game gives some insight , but I think the coach is often the key to win the championship . " Local time Friday night , Carl will be "Sports Center" program to complete his first show, at the same time ,polo ralphlauren, he will also participate in other programs to ESPN . Last season, the Nuggets led by Carl achieved 57 wins and 25 losses record , while Carl also gain the best coach award , however , was their first-round playoff elimination , the Nuggets refused to have a Karl -year contract renewal , and in June 6 this day fired Karl After this, Karl has accepted the Grizzlies and Clippers interview , but did not get their employ . " Denver last season produced some last-minute changes , a lot of people have changed, I used to be interested in some of the work part was taken away ." Karl said. Can not lead a team in the new season to start training camp, Karl said it more or less to make him feel a little lost , he believes , led to participate in training camp for a coach is very interesting , but for a ball team, participate in training camp is also very important . Carr said that he want to visit an old friend Gregg - Gregg Popovich led the Spurs training camp , but he also league two new coach - Clippers Doug - Rivers and Jay Nets Sen - Kidd's training camp tactical arrangements and expressed interest in the new season . For the new season, the Nuggets , Karl believes offseason lost Andre - Andre Iguodala for them is not a small loss , while able to sign Nate - Robinson and Randy - Randy Foye , will be needed outside of their threes have a good complement firepower , while the Nuggets could run well coach Brian - Shaw 's tactical system , Carr believes that the most critical point and the core point guard Thailand - Lawson for the new tactical system understanding. "If he can play under the new system and finding a comfortable feeling confident, I think he was able to bring the team a good height ." Karl said .