Do you have any information about the atomizer? If you are interested, and we discuss atomizer together! Below is I know some information about the atomizer, hope useful to you.
Atomizer is called the electronic cigarette atomizer, health electronic cigarette formerly ranged between electronic components and new food products . He and the biggest difference between traditional cigarettes , that is , without combustion, no tar, carbon monoxide , nitrous acid, and other toxic substances. At the same time there will not be very large impact on the surrounding crowd of secondhand smoke.

First make a simple introduction for replacement atomizer:

1.Structure of e cig atomizer
Although there are a variety of electronic atomizer models and styles , but they generally consists of three parts: battery , atomizer, smoke bombs , and other accessories ( including battery chargers , wire , spray ring, etc. ) .

Atomizer is the construction of a heating components powered by the battery heat, smoke next to the volatile oil , the formation of smog , which makes it suck up " puff " effect . Mainly depends on the quality of timber , heating wire , and technology.
Smoke bombs.

2.How does Electronic cigarette atomizer works
Through the air induction or button to make the battery work, connectivity atomizer, the heating, evaporative smoke oil to produce atomization achieve a similar effect with smoking.

3.The use skills of atomizer
The use of time attention don't too hard, too hard but not out of the smoke. Because too hard, absorption smoke liquid is sucked directly into your mouth, not after spray atomizer. So it's bigger than gently suck smoke instead.

4.Where to buy e cig atomizer?
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Please be careful to keep breath when smoking long time, because of long time can let a cigarette smoke fluid in the play is atomizer sufficient atomization, to produce more of the smoke.

Pay attention to the use of perspective, to keep up a cigarette holder, smoke bar downward-sloping, if smoking cigarette holder when rod up down, smoke liquid by gravity will naturally flowing downwards into your mouth.

When the smoke fluid absorption into the mouth, please smoke flare to be taken apart and put the cigarette holder and atomizer redundant overflow to smoke inside clean liquid to use again.

Keep the battery has enough power, electricity shortages can also cause has not been fully atomized liquid smoke sucked into his mouth.

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