I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in June, and they called it primary generalized seizures and my neruologist who has additional training in epilepsy prescribed Keppra XR. The medicine failed at full dose and prescribed Lamictal, and so far I haven't had a seizure yet and it's not even at full dose yet. But, I am still trying to find the right medicine.

Right now, I am thinking about becoming a doctor in neurology not as a surgeon but as a neurologist. A friend of mine said that neurologists preforms certain forms of surgery and risky procedures like lumbar punctures, and sometimes they may have to be in the OR.

Would I qualify as being a doctor under the ADA? I didn't know you had to do procedures like that with epilepsy, and I don't want to risk injuring anybody. I want to help people, and being a neurologist is one of my dreams. What can I do? Must I do these sort of tests, or can I refuse and still obtain a medical degree and practice medicine or what? I want to know what my future holds if I do obtain a medical degree and get into it.

Thank you.