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    Are Gun proponents afraid that their arguments would not stand up to scrutiny in courts?

    Why are they so worried about a ban on assault weapons when we have a Supreme Court and a Judiciary Branch of Government that interprets the Constitution. Surely if their arguments had merit the courts would not allow such a ban if it were Unconstitutional.

    Let the court decide if assault weapons are Constitutionally protected. Same goes for Background checks and High Capacity delivery components. I am pretty sure that they won't like the answers they get.
    No, I did not mean semi-automatics, some of them may be just fine. That would be up to our elected officials to determine. The same way we banned automatic weapons. Those who think that any arms is what the Constitution meant, that is already proven wrong by the Supreme Court who determines what the Constitution means. It is their job to interpret it as they see fit. That is in the Constitution as well...read it. PS the Constitution is not a relic that never changes, we have amended it many many times and we can amend it again if we see fit.

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