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online poker : a type of gambling on video poker that uses machines, roulette chips, or dice.

online poker sites : poker sites where you buy the chips online and play.

Poker table : a tabletop game that includes a board of cards.

prices : The prices of online poker sites may differ from store to store, but it seems like you will generally be getting a fair rate with online poker.

price comparison site : A site that is used to compare the real-world prices for many different online poker sites. Most sites will be able to tell you exactly what you pay for certain online poker games.

Poker table : a tabletop game that includes a board of cards.

real-world : This means the real-world value of the game, compared to what you are willing to pay online.

real-world cash back : This means that the bank will pay you back money after you pay the actual transaction fee. Real-world cash back is a great source of free money if you have ever used a credit card to buy or sell products online. In this context, poker table means a table that offers a set of chips.