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    I have a Sedout painting that is a24 X 20 gorgeous still life. 2 vases each containing one giant sunflower with sprays of small red and blue flowers for fillers. It was pruchased from the Terrace Club in Frankfurt in the 70's, but was from the W.K. Lehemann Art Studio in Heidelberg. Adress was 6900 Heidelberg, Kastellweg 13. Telephone 06221-42247. I paid $250 for the painting and would like to know more about Paul Sedout.

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    Tim in Ottawa
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    My parents bought theirs in Lahr in about 1973. It us about 24x 36 and has a pond in foreground and 2 clumps of 4 trees in the background.

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    Sedout Oil painting

    I had no idea that there were responses to my post about the oil painting by Sedout. Thanks to all of you who commented! I still can not find out anything about ths artist, or the value of the painting of the Heidelberg Castle gardens that I have. He must not have been a registered Artist. I too purchased it from an officers club in the late 70's. I would like to own others by him.

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    Ecc.3: contact me by private message here on the forums and I will give you my email address and phone number...my mother is interested in selling the Sedout that we have (the one I described in my earlier post)

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    Well ain't this a peach. Turns out my mother has 5 more Sedout paintings. Three seasonal paintings, one of several street lined by trees with a horse drawn carriage in the middle and the 5th is what looks to be a flea market in front of a building with lots of columns. I THINK we may have the name of the place that framed all the paintings I Germany. When I find out more....I will share with all

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    I was so happy to find this thread. I bought a Sedout last week in a South Carolina antique store for $120. It shows a snowy alpine village with mountains in the background, a river in the foreground, and a couple walking over a stone bridge. My daughter loves the Disney movie "Frozen," and this painting evoked the film, so we bought it for her. I'd love to learn more about the artist, and I will keep monitoring this thread in case any of you find anything. I'll keep looking too.

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    Sedout Painting

    I purchased a painting in 1956 in Weisbaden. The scene was of the Dolomite mountains on a lake with a church and a house in the forground. Paid $100 for the painting.

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    I have a lake/forest painting that my parents picked up in Germany when we lived there in the 1970's. This artist is absolutely fantastic.



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