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    A painting that has kept my interest for years.

    I have the same painting; it is in my office. And I also have it on my cell phone. I point to the painting and tell my wife that here is a woman I never had an argument with--her tapered fingers and nail polish are very nice too.

    My mother got it for me years ago. I think she got it in a paint shop like Finnerin and Hailey. I always thought it was a print, but it feels like oil now that I look closer.

    If nothing else we all have good taste, but she's my sweetie I think I saw her first.

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    I have the painting as well. It hangs in our living room& visitors are always drawn to it. There's a haunting feeling about it that makes everyone, including me, want to know more.

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    Find value

    I have same painting want to find its value

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    My Parents bought their first house nearly 15 years ago. My father found a painting under the basement. From the descriptions on this thread, I believe its the same thing. We thought that the previous owner of the house forgot the painting. This image draws attention to us, so we decided to keep it. My Parents sold the house and they gave me the painting. I have it for almost 2 years now. It is well kept & safe and I never hang it to my place. I made some researched but I just could not find the origin of this " Molinet " painter. There were some results from google but it doesn't match up. I will try to look again until I get a better result.

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    re: Molinet painting

    I just purchased the same piece from a St.Vincent thrift store in Port Washington, WI. Instantly, I fell in love with the piece. It wasn't for sale but I contacted the store mgr and pretty much begged for it and he let me buy it. I researched the stamping on the canvas frame and the reproduction co. Both do not exist anymore. The canvas frame is real wood and the canvas is not contemporary. The reproduction is not treated with giselle nor are there individual brush strokes (not reproduced by another painter). I have studied art and owned a gallery and have an eye for nuances. The painting is Spanish from an artist that probably studied older Christian-like realism. The depth of colors used suggest the he either truly followed suit of classic realism. However, her eyes, lips and nose do suggest a 50's or 60's romantic tribute to classic Renaissance period. This may even be painted in the US considering the lean towards the use of more European facial nuances (sans the silver screen eye brow arch, slight pout at the corner if the mouth and nose). Nonetheless, this is a gorgeous piece that seems to speak to the soul in witnesses the depth of a woman who seems to find serenity and spirituality in tandem through her guitar.

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    Heart New I am in love

    I found this beauty at a yard sale two weeks ago. She is spectacular! I'm not usually an art lover but this lady drew me. The sweet old lady I bought it from said it belonged to her mother. I'd love more information about the artist but not for any selling purposes. Regardless of how much we could sell her for, to me she is priceless. What a wonderful feeling to have a painting grab your soul.

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    If you take it out of the frame you will see copyright Art Reproduction Co Inc, so basically worthless except for decoration

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    Moline paint

    I have the same paint. I get it as gift from a new bank opening in Puerto Rico in 1969-70 since that days it is hanging in my bedroom. My daughter which is 40 now looked like the girl in the paint when was more young. I have been looking for information about th paint without any result. I still looking for some information.

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