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    Nope. Camp Rosemont was co-Ed and I was a camper there under the Kirsh’s. I was also a jr counselor one year. Spent a lot of time down on the waterfront. Interesting news to see the changes all these years later.

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    I was a camper at Rosemont in the late 70's under the Kirsh's. Good times were had by all. Big Mike was really nice. I came back as jr counselor my 2nd year & spent a lot of time at the water front. I wonder if anyone else ever let the inner dock go loose (on a dare or otherwise)?? I also remember making a cake for someone there, can't remember if it was a birthday cake or an engagement cake, but it was nice to be a part of it. Word to the wise: never ever drink for a vodka/gin bottle you find floating in the water near the edge....you'll find yourself quite sick & in the infirmary. Truth. Anyone know the name of the new camp that's there? And what was the name of the camp across the lake as I forget. Thanks

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    Remembering Rosemont

    Jerry. This is Bill Lax and I remember you! I was at Rosemont from 1952-62. I bunked with Norman Berkowitz and Shelly Safe. I think Bill Heft was there for my first year, but mostly remember Lou Katz - a wonderful man to me back then. I went bak there about 25 years ago when we were in the area and no one was there. The camp looked the same, minus a few bunks. I went into the rec hall and even some of the plaques were still up on the walls. I went into the mess hall and sang "over the rafters," imaging Lou Katz throwing a pie to a counselor for a camper's birthday. Wonderful times for me!

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    Jerry Blackman
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    Camp Rosemont

    Lou Katz was the putative director in the fifties. I was friends with Billy Lax and Lew Singer, later with Floyd Skloot. Mike Brzostovsky was the camp doctor in the late 50s, brought in by my Dad, Dr Lionel Blackman. My brother, Cliff and Dan attended, and my sister, Carol, one year. 1957,59,60. Rabbis Saperstein presided over services where we wore whited ducks, etc, and their was a big cantor who sang, for reasons unclear, "The Road to Mandalay " wherever that was. I have been looking for my counselor in 1957, and guy named Shengold, who taught me how to fight. Very useful life skill. I'd like to thank him, wherever he is. Jerry Blackman



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