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    Bella Milla
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    When people realize that the Religion and Spirituality section of Yahoo Answers...

    ...is a joke? All of these questions are garbage and half no ounce of credibility or truth. This section is for pathetic losers and real lovers of God should not even waste their time on such a waste of space OCCUPIED BY LOSERS ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS.
    Wow you people who "speak on behalf of God" like you know him personally is absolutely hilarious. It is obvious that most of you are sick and in deseperate need of help based on your comments and questions. As for me say what you want i'm not worried about you. My life is based on facts not other people opinions.

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    R&S is the religion & spirituality section of yahoo answers. It is frequented mainly by atheist nut jobs who simply post the same regurgitated shit over and over again. There could be a Christian asking someone what a verse of The Bible means and the comment section, within minutes, will be overrun with brainless atheists circle-jerking and saying "god doesn't reel" "I don't believe in sky daddy" "I don't believe in invisible men save for the one who visits me at night to fuck me up my gay atheist asshole".

    There is no real discussion to be gained from the atheists there either as they use anecdotal claims for their arguments. (i.e all religious people are evil because my Catholic father bum raped my asshole when I was a kid). None of them are able to use scientific sources or any evidence to support their claims and expect people to take what they say as literal truth.

    Agnostic: Is there a god?

    Theist: Yes. I believe so. Let me explain why... *goes on to give his argument*

    Atheist: God doesn't reel! You're stupid because you believe in sky daddy!!!! We all came from nothing! BIG BANG THEORY IS WRONG! STEADY STATE IS THE TRUTH!!!

    This continues all night as the atheist regulars on R&S literally answer as many questions as they can with this shit until they fall to sleep at their desktop in their basements.

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    When I was a kid, my dad used any kid that was around a a remote control. We had to stand by the tv and when dad said change the channel we changed the channel. Luckily we didnt have as many TV stations as we do today.



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