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    internet connection speed in att dsl ELITE?

    hey everyone i just upgrade my dsl last couple of months from DSL pro that says the Downstream Speed Up to 3.0 mbps and the upstream speed is up to 512 kbps. and the DSL Elite says the downstram speed us up to 6.0 mbps and the upstream is 712 kbps. and i dont think the speed is increased and im was wondering why they didnt change my modem. my modem is only 64k do you think it matters?

    Downstream Speed: Up to 6.0 Mbps
    Upstream Speed: Up to 768 Kbps

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    To increase internet speed
    * Check to see if faster internet connections are in your area:
    Fiber optic and cable internet tend to be faster than DSL and dial-Up.
    *Do some basic maintenance on your PC:
    a scan disk, a virus scan, a malware scan, and clear your recycle bin.Delete old files and temporary files.
    * Reset Your Modem
    Sometimes switching OFF and ON your modem helps you to speed the internet.
    * Optimize your cache or temporary Internet files.
    These files improve your Internet connection performance by not downloading the same file over and over.
    * Replace your old cable modem
    * Upgrade your router firmware
    * Upgrade your computer.
    * Try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete simultaneously and open up the Task Manager. Go to the process menu and close those processes that may be stealing your valuable bandwidth.
    * Download programs that make browsing faster:
    A good tool to increase internet speed is Internet Cyclone.
    Loband.org is a browser inside of a browser that loads web pages without the images.
    Firefox and Opera both have options to disable images.

    After you have tried some of this,try your connection again using Scanmyspeed.com and see if you get improved speed results. If you are not satisfied Call your Internet service provider (ISP) and check whether upgradation of your plan is necessary.



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