* phone ringing - i wait for recipient to answer *

guy with deep assertive voice answers. we'll call him 'gym dude'.

gym dude: " hello ? "
me: " hello ? "

* awkward 2 sec pause on line *

gym dude: " hi who is this can i help ? "
me: " yes hello, i'm interested in signing up at your gym and make use of your training facilities "
gym dude: " yeah ? have you done boxing before ? "
me: " no - but i love boxing a lot, and have been watching it on t.v since i was a young boy - i get the general idea of what its all about ... "

gym dude finding that answer a bit rude: " yea well t.v and real boxing are two different things...when can you come in ? "

me: " well i can come right away if you like sir - what sort of training do you offer and how much does it cost me ? "

gym dude: " well im the official trainer - and I offer one-2-one boxing sessions with all my clients as well as the opportunity to train you up for competitive fights - if thats what you want "

me: " i just want to join a boxing gym..."

gym dude: " okay....whats your name ? "

me: " Mike."

gym dude: " yea most guys tend to give me their full name....so thats Mike what ? "

me: " Mike What "

gym dude: " did you call last week ? "

me: " TYSON , last name is Tyson. T...Y...S..."

* gym dude hangs up phone *