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Apple ahead in pc maker

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Apple's sale record break every quarter.
Iphone, table pc(ipad).
If counted ipad, apple's pc sale lead others.
Per the research firm, "client PCs" (which include "desktops, netbooks, notebooks and tabs") grew by 16 percent to hit 120 million in Q4, from which Apple's 20 million units (15 million iPads + 5 million Macs) grabbed the leading 17 percent share. Cupertino's followed by HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer in that order -- all of whom, save for Lenovo, saw their piece of the PC pie shrink. ( ipad to ipad transfer )Not only did their slices shrink, but without slates the entire tart was .4 percent smaller than last year -- meaning that all of the growth in "client PC" segment was due to tablets. With that kind of statistical precedence Windows 8 can't come soon enough.
IPad is expand its area:ibook author aim education and ebook publisher. ( ipad books transfer )

Apple'll finish its system.iphone, ipad, mac, icloud.
You'll addict in if you use any of them.

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