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Patent Suit Go on

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We heard that Apple fight with htc, samsung, but with google? not too much.
Google and Apple have been named in a lawsuit relating to the use of Google Maps'Street View on the iPad and iPhone.( ipad songs transfer )
The patent describes an interactive system for “displaying detailed view and direction in panoramic images.”
Here's the abstract:
"A method and system for indicating the camera position, direction, and field of view in a map or panoramic image comprises a map image window which displays a map or panoramic image of the site to be studied (house, apartment, city, etc.). A detailed view window displays a portion of the map image, taken from a point in the site. A highlighted sector in the map image represents the viewing position, direction, and field of view that the detailed view window displays. When the user changes the field of view in the detailed view window, the highlighted sector in the map image changes in synchronism. The resulting interactive windows allow a person to easily and quickly view and understand the field of view, position, and direction of the image being displayed in the detail view window."
( music drm removal )Apple's "Infringing Instrumentalities" include the "iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices," while Google's include "Google Street View, including Street View functionality available on Apple's Infringing Instrumentalities, as well as through the World Wide Web."
Who is right, who is wrong?
We want convenient life.

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